5 successful mindset habits to start in 2021


The way you think impacts every area of your life. You can start building up some thinking habits that would impact the way you think about your problems, goals and struggles. These can change the way that you live for the better. These are thinking habits that have helped me to become more capable, more productive and to do more impactful things. You can grow these healthy habits to enhance your abilities to change your life in a better way.


No.1 – Start questioning yourself and find the answers.

Pay attention to the questions that come up in your mind, the questions that you ask yourself. Instead of just ignoring those questions or letting those questions stress you out, follow through and answer those questions.

When you ask yourself –

Q. Why am I so anxious all the time?

You must pay attention to that question and sit down and think about it. Then once you have answered that first question, let it direct to even better internal questions like

Q. How do I go about reducing that anxiety in my life?

Q. What are the little steps that I could take to make my mind a more peaceful place?

If you are in a struggle, then you may ask yourself questions persistently. You are never granting solutions to yourself. Then give yourself the space to sit on those questions and evaluate them through. You are going to find yourself in an obstinate circumstance. Push yourself to sit with uncomfortable questions and actually answer them and then pass on to the next question that your mind brings up. You can do this in the form of journaling on paper or digitally. When I feel desirable, I like to sit down and contemplate on those types of questions.


No.2 – Start doing self-care activities.


People pay lots of money for supplements that enhance their mood, increase their energy, give them clarity and focus. They are religious about taking these supplements daily. They must have it with their breakfast. They would never want to skip taking these supplements. Some of these supplements can be helpful. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep and going to sleep at the same time. Waking up at the same time, getting some movement in your days, getting a connection in your life - those are like the most potent activities that one could ever come across. They are far more powerful than any supplement. If you are struggling to prioritize health and wellness, maybe you put work first and self-care second, then try thinking of all of those self-care activities as supplements. These activities are highly effective. If you are a type of personality who has a massive workload, maybe you are a high achiever. You always find yourself thinking that perhaps you will get to exercise after completing all your work but never actually get around to those self-care activities. It can be a helpful form of thinking. A well-planned vacation has a 94% chance of increasing your happiness and energy levels. Sleeping longer gives you a longer life span, decreases your chance of dementia and helps you learn better. Investing in the quality of your relationships and spending time with the people that you love is a self-care activity that will increase your health and happiness more than any other factor. You are required to place these self-care activities in the first place to be more productive, gain growth, be happy, be successful and lead a good life.


When you sit down to plan out your week, try prioritizing and scheduling in those self-care activities that will enhance your life first. Firstly, live life then secondly, work. Another self-care activity is learning. If you keep on learning, no matter how old you are, you will retain the ability to learn. If you stop learning, you will lose that ability along with everything else that it enables. So, learning is an activity that everyone should be doing regularly. There are so many learning platforms nowadays that make you learn anything you want online. You can unleash your creative power and start doing something new like painting, singing, photography, blogging and cooking. It will add a drop of motivation to your life. Be inspired to learn more and more.


No.3 – Striving is a part of the process.


If everyone embeds in their brain to strive, it could make the world a much better and more self-compassionate place. No matter what changes you are trying to make, the struggle is always going to exist. And we always strive in our life. No matter who you are and how disciplined you are. When you are trying to achieve something - there is going to be struggling. It is normal to start on a high and write for one week straight and maybe have a dip in motivation. It is normal to start working out at home every day because you see someone doing it online and then after a few days finding yourself waning and maybe not doing it as much anymore. I am not saying that you should accept defeat whenever you come across a struggle. But when it comes along, you should recognize it as a very normal thing that everyone goes through. When we struggle to achieve goals and change behaviour, it helps to move past it with more ease. You may think that striving to change behaviour or achieve your goals is anomalous. When you are struggling with those changes that you are abnormal, it makes it a lot harder to keep on moving forward. You lean more towards beating yourself up and feel bad about not being able to make the change. By accepting the normalcy of that struggle, trying to think of ways to keep yourself motivated, change what you are doing to make things easier and stick to whatever you are trying to pursue. The struggle is part of the process. Normalize with yourself and struggling to change your behaviour can help you to move forward quickly.


No.4 – Set goals that you want to achieve


If you go to the gym because you feel like you should, you feel like you have to. Even though you hate standard gym workouts, you are probably not going to keep that habit up. Suppose you are writing content because you feel like you have to write, but not because you enjoy doing it, you will not be able to create something fruitful. You are also going to struggle with that habit. Instead of pursuing these goals that we feel like we should be heading, think about what you want to pursue. Many different paths often lead to the same target. You do not have to follow the same course that everyone else has followed. For example, when it comes to working out, you are more likely to do an activity that you enjoy. If that looks like Zumba or regular daily walks or rock climbing, it does not look like going to the gym and doing a standard workout, that is perfectly fine.


A few problems to consider when you are pursuing your goals are these questions.

Q. If no one knew what I did, would I still want to do it?

Q. If I knew that I would fail would I still want to do this?

Q. Am I doing this because it looks good or because it feels good?

You are more likely to pursue a goal which has a process that you enjoy doing rather than a process that you dread doing.


No.5 – Prioritize your tasks every day.

When you make a traditional to-do list without using any prioritized task, you set equal importance for all of them that you list down. Uploading on Instagram becomes just as important as creating a content creation strategy. Creating a new revenue source is just as important as answering all of your emails. If you prioritize one important thing every day, then at the end of the year, you will achieve 365 impactful things. If you prioritize only three things every single week, then it will be a fruitful move to set those goals by the end of the year. Do not create to-do lists without weighting them and without considering whether what you are pursuing is significant. One way that you can figure out how you are weighing for all of your tasks, where you are spending your time, whether it is on the significant or the insignificant, is by tracking your time. I have been using the app called Simple Time Tracker. You can create activities and colour code them with individual icons. By time-tracking your week, you will start to see a strong visual representation of where you are spending your time. It will show you whether you are spending your time in impactful ways that will affect your life in three years or whether you are spending all of your time on the little unimportant tasks. Tasks do not bring about in the same way. So, we should not be prioritizing them equally.


When I am prioritizing my day in my daily life planner, I ask myself –

Q. What is the most significant thing that I can work on today?

It will have a long-term impact on my life. I like to spend my most important time in the morning planning about it. I appreciate you so much for reading my thoughts.

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