8 Incredible Benefits of Turmeric Milk for Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

Benefits of Turmeric Milk for Weight Loss
Benefits of Turmeric Milk for Weight Loss: Food photo created by azerbaijan_stockers - www.freepik.com 

Is turmeric a natural fat burner? What proportion of turmeric should I take daily for weight loss? What happens if you drink turmeric milk each day? Is it alright to drink turmeric milk at night?


So, you need to know the advantages of turmeric milk for weight loss. Thus, you feel many questions lingering within you. You crave the correct answers to those problems in no time. Don't be too concerned. We tend to answer them here for your thoughts on the advantages of turmeric milk for weight loss. We will cover the answers to your queries in a couple of minutes. Then you can begin drinking turmeric milk to cut back the extra fat that you have gained.


Turmeric is a spice with many benefits.


Asian food uses turmeric
Asian food uses turmeric

Asian food uses turmeric in almost every recipe. It is a natural supplement for nutrition in our bodies.


The Hindi word for turmeric milk is Haldi Doodh. A rich gold colour that comes out when yellow turmeric infuses into white milk. So, it is called 'Golden Milk'. Every family in India is aware of the benefits of the traditional golden milk recipe. It is prevalent in India as a home remedy for many ailments. This remedy has been prevailing in our country for years after years. It has been a significant part of Indian culture for centuries. The turmeric milk health benefits are beneficial to reduce weight. It is an abundant source of a home remedy for various diseases.


3 Facts about Turmeric
3 Facts about Turmeric

Turmeric contains some properties to combat the diseases. The properties are:


  • anti-inflammatory


  • antioxidant


  • antimicrobial


Importance of Curcumin

Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical. Turmeric possesses this chemical. 


Curcumin has the property of antioxidant. It is fat-soluble. So, it gets absorbed into our bodies when we mix it with milk. This exclusive property of curcumin helps in enhancing weight loss.


Scientists have researched a lot on the benefits of turmeric. It is curcumin which is present in turmeric, which helps us to achieve our fitness goals. So, turmeric is beneficial for our health and maintaining our fitness.


Since we add milk to this drink, it becomes healthier and rich in calcium. Women above the age of 30 are often the victim of calcium deficiency in their bodies. It can cause a lot of weakness in any part of the body. The deficit of calcium can result in dental changes, cataracts and osteoporosis. It makes the bones brittle. There may not be any early symptoms due to calcium deficiency.


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Recipe of Turmeric Milk

Now let us move onto the recipe of turmeric milk.




  • One glass of warm milk


  • The 1-inch root of ginger


  • One crushed cardamom


  • One cinnamon stick


  • 1/2 tsp turmeric


  • A pinch of black pepper




  1. Heat the milk to make it warm.


  1. Add the ingredients until they get dissolved in the milk.


  1. Heat on low flame for 3-4 minutes.


  1. Sieve the mixture and serve.


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Golden milk is a vast source of:


  • Protein


  • Antioxidant


  • Curcumin


  • Magnesium


  • Calcium


  • Potassium


Today we are going to talk about the benefits of turmeric milk for weight loss.


Boosts Immunity 


Boosts Immunity
Boosts Immunity

Turmeric regulates the immune system of our body. It intensifies and boosts immunity. It helps us to prevent contamination in ourselves with several diseases and complications.


What is human immunity?


The prevention of the development of a pathogenic microorganism may counter a disease. Immunity is the result of this process.


The immune system retains a history of all the germs that enter the body. Sometimes the body gets infected with the same disease. So, the immune system recognises and destroys the microbe.


Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties which help to fight diseases. This property aids to improve immunity in our body. So, you need to combine turmeric with milk and drink it before you go to bed at night.


Boosts Metabolism


Boosts Metabolism : Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash
Boosts Metabolism : Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash    

You must be conscious of the process of metabolism in your body. When the metabolic rate increases in our body, the calories burn fast in the body. And losing calories lead to weight loss.


What is metabolism in the body?


Our body maintains the living state of cells and organisms. So, it performs complex chemical reactions to do so. Metabolism is a complex chemical reaction.


Does turmeric boost your metabolism?


Turmeric plays a prominent role in boosting metabolism in the body. Thermogenic components burn calories and, turmeric is one of them. Thermogenesis is the process of burning fat in the central nervous system. This process maintains body temperature. Curcumin (which is present in turmeric) performs a very significant role in this process. It helps to enhance the rate of thermogenesis. Thus, it leads to the burning of fat to a great extent. It helps us to lose weight. The consumption of turmeric can also help you lose your belly fat. Add only half a teaspoon of turmeric, raw or in powder form, with warm milk. You will get the best results in achieving the goal of weight loss.


Dietary Fibre: prevent obesity


Prevent Obesity
Prevent Obesity: Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Most women face the problem of obesity. A low level of exercise, diet and factors relating to genetics and environment can cause obesity. These are several reasons why some people can have difficulty avoiding obesity. But when you have turmeric in your home, you can reduce your weight by mixing turmeric with milk.


High levels of dietary fibre infuse turmeric. These dietary fibres may reduce your appetite.


It makes you consume less food and intakes fewer calories. Your fat reduces. Thus turmeric works in preventing our body from gaining weight and obesity.


Detoxifies liver 


Detoxifies liver
Detoxifies liver: Photo by LYFE Fuel on Unsplash

The liver plays a vital role in the metabolism of fat. It is significant in weight loss. So if your liver is healthy, excessive fats are also driven away from your body.


Turmeric takes care of the liver by detoxifying it. It also repairs any damages and wounds caused to the liver. Curcumin, present in turmeric, helps to block the production of fatty liver. Turmeric helps to maintain cholesterol levels in the body by regulating responsible enzymes. It reduces the disease of the fatty liver.


So drinking turmeric milk detoxifies the liver and is beneficial in weight loss.


Improves Digestion


Improves Digestion
Improves Digestion: Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash

For a long time, in the traditional household of India, we know the facts and usage of turmeric. 


It is very efficient in healing digestive problems. It leads to the problem of achieving the weight loss goals. Turmeric is a household and a natural remedy to these digestive problems. It is very effective to manage indigestion. It carries out the process of relieving gas and bloating, and heartburn. Turmeric is also crucial in preventing gastrointestinal infections. It helps to diminish intestinal disorders as well. It will enhance your digestive strength and maintain your health.


You should add turmeric to low-fat milk only. It avoids any health-related problem.


Reduces inflammation


Obesity: Photo by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash

Obesity is a significant problem these days with women. And we women need to take care of our health and reduce the excess fat that we consume every day.


Obesity is a pro-inflammatory condition. Inflammation plays a crucial role in conducting obesity. High levels of inflammation lead to various diseases. So, our body needs to keep inflammation at bay to stay healthy and live life longer.


Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical. Turmeric possesses curcumin.


It interacts with cells to reduce inflammation.


This process helps in the reversal of obesity. Curcumin suppresses distinct inflammatory markers. It also assists in subdue fat tissue growth.


Also, it helps in weight loss. Curcumin is a bioactive compound. It prevents contamination of the body with chronic inflammation.


Inhibits the growth of fat tissue


The growth of fat tissue in our body is a severe problem
The growth of fat tissue in our body is a severe problem: Photo by Gemma Chua-Tran on Unsplash

The growth of fat tissue in our body is a severe problem in the weight loss journey. This fat storage site leads to obesity. Turmeric plays a crucial role in this field too. What does turmeric do to fat cells? Does turmeric reduce body fat? Let us uncover the answers in the upcoming discussion.


Adipose tissue is the fat factory. It stores fat cells in our body.


It develops its nutrients and oxygen through angiogenesis.


Curcumin restrains the process of angiogenesis. It makes turmeric inhibit fat tissue growth. Thus, turmeric promotes weight loss.


A healthy source of protein


A healthy source of protein
A healthy source of protein: Original Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash 

Do not skip a protein diet if you are aiming towards weight loss. Milk is rich in calcium and protein. So when we mix turmeric with milk, the benefits of having turmeric milk increases a lot. It is a great option to have turmeric milk at night before bedtime.



Turmeric milk
Turmeric milk: Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Turmeric milk is an excellent option for weight loss. Have it every night before bedtime. Also, remember to have turmeric with low-fat milk. You need to add only half a teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of milk. Turmeric milk or Haldi Doodh is very beneficial to our body. It helps in achieving your goal of weight loss.


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